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Syngenta Biotechnology China Awarded In “Top 10 Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Chinese Agricultural Economy”


At the 3rd China AgroEconomy Forum organized by the China Rural Economy Press, a state-owned publisher under the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Xun Wang, Head of SBC, was named one of the “Top 10 Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Chinese Agricultural Economy.”


Themed “Addressing Challenges, Grasping Opportunities, Advancing Modern Agricultural Development”, the forum was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, bringing together leaders and representatives from major Chinese food and beverage associations, industrial think tanks, companies along the agricultural value chain, as well as state and provincial government agencies concerning the policy-making and technology development for Chinese rural economy as well as the sustainable livelihood of the agricultural population.

Notably Syngenta Biotech China was the only foreign company to receive the award. “If it wasn’t for the extensive collaborations we made with the Chinese government and academics, we wouldn’t have been able to receive such an honor,” says Dr. Xun Wang.
"It is not only an official recognition of Syngenta’s commitment and leadership, but also an encouragement urging us to continue our efforts to make more contributions.”