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Syngenta Friendly Laboratories popular among Chinese students


On December 15, 2008, Dr. Xun Wang, Head of Syngenta Biotechnology China (SBC) and Director Xingwang Deng from the Chinese National Institute of Biological Sciences (NIBS), a leading academic institute for basic life science research, signed a NIBS-Syngenta Friendly Laboratories Scholarship Program MoU at SBC.


Six top laboratories specialized in plant biotechnology of NIBS, respectively led by Xingwang Deng, Jianmin Zhou, Ligeng Ma, Yan Guo, Yuelin Zhang, Yijun Qi were selected as “Syngenta Friendly Laboratories”, thus receiving scholarship to award their best students to support their research and pursuit of Master or PHD degrees.


This MoU is part of Syngenta Biotech’s long-term scholarship program launched in July, 2008, which has gained very positive feedback. By the end of the year, SBC has granted scholarships to 25 applicants from 21 named “Syngenta Friendly Laboratories” among 11 universities and research institutes in China.

"It’s vital for us to collaborate with the Chinese academics and support biotech talents cultivation,” Xun Wang stressed. “NIBS is a leading institute in bioscience and a strategic partner of SBC. I am pleased to see the two organizations working more closely through the scholarship program, which bring tangible benefits to the students while raising SBC’s recognition among top laboratories.”


"It is a good motivation for our students to release their potential and strive for the best,” commented Xingwang Deng. “If China is to enhance its position in biotechnology, I believe a broadened partnership between industry and institute is essential. We appreciate Syngenta’s commitment and contribution.”


About NIBS

The Chinese National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing (NIBS) was established to advance the frontier of basic research in the life sciences in China. Founded in 2003 as part of a strategic government initiative to further national development of science and technology, NIBS aims to become a first rate, internationally competitive research institution. Its faculty will educate future generations of life scientists and explore a new model for operating scientific institutions in China.