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Syngenta-IGDB 2008 Spring Workshop held in Beijing


Syngenta and the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (IGDB) held their 2008 Spring Workshop in Beijing on April 09, 2008. This workshop united 40 scientists from Syngenta and IGDB in discussions on how to continue to improve communication and optimize the collaboration, which was announced in June of 2007.


Dr. Yongbiao Xue, Director at IGDB , gave the welcome remarks and Dr. Xun Wang, Head of Biotech of APAC Region Syngenta, introduced the collaboration history and contents. Scientist from each organization gave presentations on their research area and  Syngenta scientists outlined the status of our biotech R&D pipeline and platform technologies.


Scientists from both organizations engaged in open discussion and idea generation for maximizing the scientific value from the collaboration.  They also outlined the ways to enhance the interactions between the groups, which they began in a team building session during the meeting.  One of these was a team car race which built understanding and relationships with trust and friendship.


"This  the first time that scientists from both organizations were able to engage in such a focused workshop since the collaboration agreement signing ceremony in June 2007,” said Wang.  “I am very pleased with the outcome. All of the scientists had a high regard for this workshop, and we successfully kicked off several collaboration projects as a result.”