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Agricultural research has continued to produce advancements that improve the food supply through advanced plant breeding techniques and other scientific developments. By the 1970’s, scientists had learned to identify specific genes in plants and to modify them to enhance certain characteristics of the plant. We have come to recognize that plant biotechnology can bring enormous benefits to mankind.


Since they were first made available almost 10 years ago, biotech crops have been adopted at a rate unprecentented in history for any new agriculture technology in history, precisely because of the benefits they can offer. Farmers in both developed and developing countries are today using biotechnology to reduce yield loss due to insect damage, control weeds and generally improve the quality of their crops. We believe that, in the years ahead, agricultural biotechnology will continue to benefit the public through the growing of more and better food, the development of novel medicines and the improvement of industrial processes.


Syngenta is a global leader in agriculture and is committed to developing safe and effective products based on biotechnology. For those who wish to know more about the application of this science Syngenta has developed this website to provide visitors with general information on agricultural biotechnology and our products – both for those which currently available.