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Research areas

At SBC, we focus on the basic research of plant biotechnology, and our research projects center on the major issues for urgent solution in agricultural industry, such as yield, resistance (including resistant to disease, insects, drought, cold and stress) and how to increase the absorption and utilization to fertilizer water and so on. Our specific research fields are as follows:

Molecular biology

We are interested in the discovery, isolation and function of some important agronomic traits related genes, such as drought control, product increasing, water conservation, and efficient use of nitrogen
Biochemistry and physiology

Both of the growth and development of plants are studied through the protein analysis and interaction of proteins.

Plant Developmental Biology and biology

We have established a series of basic research projects, aiming at better understanding the plants development in roots, flowers and other organs, improving the growing condition of plant in poor soil and increasing production.

Plant tissue culture and genetic transformation

It is an important tool for plant tissue culture and genetic transformation to the research of gene function. The target gene and phenotypic variation are future studied through insertion and expression of target gene, or by knocking out of the gene.

Research and trial of plant biological stress

It is a very serious issue of agriculture of plant diseases, pests and viruses.
It provides a powerful tool for molecular biology and plant biotechnology to understand the interaction of phytopathogen, and to future develop the second generation technical solution, to solve the biological stress

Research and trial of plant non-biological stress

The plant non-biological stress is a study by using the same method as above, aiming at improving plant resistant to environmental stimuli including drought, cold, heat, salinity, waterlogging, etc.

Research and trial of plant nutriology

In this study, we will focus on the efficient use of nitrogen, phosphorus and the absorption of metal ions (iron, magnesium). We will screen a large number of different genetic background material from the greenhouse and field. Our study aims to find the optimal plant germplasm resources which keeps lower fertilizer requirement and higher production.