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What we can offer

With our own competencies, we can offer:


Technological support:


Mature and highly efficient crop genetic transformation system;

Powerful gene Compass platform ( Marker-Assisted Breeding platform) genome, bio chip, metabonomics;
Fully field experimental technology;

Excellent trait analysis capacity – bioassay and insect experiment;

Enterprise experience sharing and economic support:


Understanding the agricultural market trend in the world;

Authoritative analysis on the potential of the commercialization of biotechnological invention;

Rich biotechnological development experience, abilities and techniques;

Powerful agronomic trait analysis and the development network of global commercialization of crop seeding;

Comprehensive agricultural solutions;

Crop protection R&D and market operation;

Intellectual property and technology transfer experience;

Relevant education and training on the R&D of biotechnological products;

Practice bases;

Experimental fund support/scholarship;